Texture Paste Preview

Texture Paste Preview is a simple tool to preview bitmaps as textures placed on the clipboard in a tiled arrangement. It can show the texture in three view modes: tiled, which shows the texture repeated in 2D, wall, which shows the texture as if it was placed on a wall at a slight angle (like the screenshot at the right) and floor, which shows the texture as if it was placed on the floor.

To use Texture Paste Preview simply copy the texture image from any image editor or viewer to the clipboard, switch to TPP and press Ctrl+V. You can use the 1, 2 and 3 keys to switch modes, = and - to scale the preview quads, [ and ] to remove/add tiles, F to toggle bilinear filtering and R to reset the settings. The context menu that appears when right clicking shows all these commands too.

Texture Paste Preview was written in Borland C++ Builder 1, so it should work with any Windows computer and most likely will also work under Wine. If you have BCB1 and want to build it from source code you will also need BCBCMN and BCBGL.