BCBCMN is a set of CPP/H files with a couple of additional batch (BAT) files for use with Borland C++ Builder 1. It is the BCB1 equivalent of RTTK, just a set of useful classes and functions that are common among some tools i have written using BCB.

Note that since BCB1 is very old, predates C++98 and VCL headers for C++ Builder have changed in newer versions, these sources will not work in any other C++ compiler or version of C++ Builder without modifications. Also in many places there is the assumption that a 32bit target is used so even if you modify these for newer C++ Builder versions, it is highly recommended to use the 32bit compiler. If possible use the BCC32 based compiler instead of the Clang based compiler. Like with RTTK, no guarantees for backward compatibility between releases. Again, you may need to make modifications for a project to work.

The only reason i provide these is in case someone, somewhere has BCB1 and wants to build some project i have uploaded with sources that relies on BCBCMN. There is no documentation, though both the sources and the header files provide enough comments to understand how to use these.

Note that BCBCMN and any project that relies on it assumes the code is placed in C:\Code\bcbcmn (BCB1 stores absolute paths in .MAK files even if the batch files use relative paths).


BCBCMN's license is zlib but keep in mind this note.