Shitty Software Rendering Engine

SSRE (or Shitty Software Rendering Engine) is a simple glitchy 8bit software rendering engine that was written in a simple morning after a stroke of inspiration from learning about the "Haunted PS1 demo disc" and noticing that every single of those games are made using Unity (well except one made using Unreal Engine 4) with shaders to mimic the glitchy look of Playstation 1. I thought it'd be more neat (and more authentic) if these games used software rendering (many of the DOS and Windows versions of games that were also available on PS1 used software rendering, though these games fixed some of the glitches like adding subpixel accuracy and/or perspective correct texture mapping).

SSRE is written in C and should compile with any Windows C compiler. It can be downloaded from here (62KB). This archive contains the source code (a single C file), a Windows executable, some model files in JTF format with their textures in raw format and a JASC palette file.

You can also see it in action in this YouTube video. Note that after making the video i also added the hearts as "entities", head bobbing and fixed a bug in the rasterizer, so the output isn't exactly the same as what you'd see if you run the program in the archive above.

The code isn't exactly "production ready" but it can be used as a base or for learning purposes, especially if combined with the 3DICA tutorial (an old 3D software rendering tutorial that i used back in the day to learn 3D graphics) since it more or less explains the core of the algorithm uses (the tutorial contains a lot more information and techniques, SSRE only implements affine texture mapping without depth or perspective correction since it was meant to mostly match what you'd see on PS1 and DOS/Windows ports of PS1 games).