JTF File Format

Just Triangle Faces

    JTF is a very simple binary file format that contains enough information to display textured static meshes. The file format is simply a triangle soup with position, normal and texture coordinates. The file has the following layout:

Offset Description
0 Magic bytes 74, 84, 70 and 33 ('JTF!')
4 32bit integer for vertex format (only 0 for now)
8 32bit integer for face count
12 Triangle data (3*face_count vertices)

The vertex format is:

Offset Description
0 Three 32bit floats for the position
12 Three 32bit floats for the normal
24 Two 32bit floats for the texture coordinate

Download JTF

    Download the JTF archive from here (491KB). It contains the file format spec, a Windows JTF viewer written in Lazarus, source code and project file for the viewer (it should build under Linux and macOS) and a Blender 2.78 exporter script.