3DICA Tutorial

This is a very old 3D graphics tutorial that describes the basics of 3D math and rasterization for a software rendering engine as well as some other related algorithms (e.g. BSP trees, portals, etc). It doesn't go into detail on the other matters (e.g. it only does a very brief description for hierarchical transformations and doesn't mention anything about how to handle scenes, even though the information contained in the tutorial is enough to do that). The order it mentions things may also be a bit confusing as it doesn't exactly have things in the order you'd want to implement them, so i highly recommend to do a first read of the whole thing before even touching the keyboard.

The original site has disappeared from the internet and the web archive doesn't have the latest version (2.22b). A couple of other copies can be found online, but they all seem to lack images, so i uploaded mine. Sadly i do not have the example source code, but it is not required to read the tutorial (i never used it back in the day - i didn't even have the compiler it needed anyway :-P) as all the code in the tutorial is in pseudocode that you can apply to any language.

Proceed to the tutorial or download it as a zip file (146KB)..