Krita View3D Plugin

The View3D plugin for Krita provides a "docker" for rendering a JTF mesh using a document as a texture. In addition it provides some very basic backprojection from the rendered view to the texture which can be used to assist with painting on 3D models.

The functionality provided by the current version is:


Some YouTube videos: The first one made shows some basic use, this one shows the new masking feature, this one shows the final UI in version 20240218 and painting across seams, this one shows the triplanar paste command (before a dialog to configure it was added), this one shows the (final) triplanar paste and gradient generation commands.


To install put the view3d directory inside the pykrita directory in your Krita resources (e.g. ~/.local/share/krita/pykrita). If you are not sure where that is, open the Settings menu, select Manage Resources and then click the Open Resource Folder button in the bottom right corner of the window that will appear.