Mini Sprite Editor
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Mini Sprite Editor is a small pixel art tool i developed out of mostly boredom (or at least it started that way) in a weekend using Visual Basic 5. Since the first version i added a few extra features and fixed a couple of bugs, but the version you can download from this site is more or less the same.

  • Lightweight low resolution sprite editing tool
  • Realtime tiled view for editing tiles (like bricks, etc)
  • Palette management without forcing 8bit images
  • Separate colors for left and right buttons
  • Brushes and quick brush creation with Shift+Drag
  • Alpha blended and color masked painting
  • Color key transparency
  • Shortcut keys optimized for pixel editing (shift, flip, rotate)
  • Animation support with realtime precise tiled preview
  • Save and load BMP files for simple static sprites
  • A simple custom file format for animated sprites
  • Export to numbered image frames (for use with external tools)
  • Works on any 32bit and 64bit Windows machine (including Wine)

Click here to download Mini Sprite Editor 1.0.7. This is a zip archive that contains the program's setup and source code inside another archive called

Important: please note that the included help file does not mention the quick brush creation with Shift+Drag, this will be fixed in a future version.