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Mini Sprite Editor is a small pixel art tool i developed out of mostly boredom (or at least it started that way) in a weekend using Visual Basic 5. Since the first version i added a few extra features and fixed a couple of bugs, but the version you can download from this site is more or less the same.

As of version 1.0.8 it has been ported to Visual Basic 6.

The latest version is 1.0.9 (released 2020-01-23) which adds the ability to toggle tiling in horizontal and/or vertical direction in the Tiled view window by pressing the X or Y key.


  • Lightweight low resolution sprite editing tool
  • Realtime tiled view for editing tiles (like bricks, etc)
  • Palette management without forcing 8bit images
  • Separate colors for left and right buttons
  • Brushes and quick brush creation with Shift+Drag
  • Alpha blended and color masked painting
  • Color key transparency
  • Shortcut keys optimized for pixel editing (shift, flip, rotate)
  • Animation support with realtime precise tiled preview
  • Save and load BMP files for simple static sprites
  • A simple custom file format for animated sprites
  • Export to numbered image frames (for use with external tools)
  • Works on any 32bit and 64bit Windows machine (including Wine)

Download (2MB). This contains the installer, extract the files in a temporary folder and run setup.exe to install the editor. Note: if you have an older version installed, it is recommended to uninstall it first. (34KB). This contains the source code for Visual Basic 6.0.

Older versions:

1.0.8: (2MB) source (34KB)

Visual Basic 5.0 based version:

Click here to download Mini Sprite Editor 1.0.7. This is a zip archive that contains the program's setup and source code inside another archive called This is the last version that was made with Visual Basic 5.0.

Mini Sprite Editor Copyright 2013-2020 Kostas Michalopoulos