Little Gopher Client

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    Little Gopher Client is a client for the Gopher protocol written in Free Pascal and Lazarus with support for the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.

    It is mainly made to browse and read articles in gopherspace, so for the moment it only supports menus and text content - no downloads, images or queries. In the future i might add features for these.

    The client supports only the original Gopher protocol as specified RFC1436. There is no support for the incompatible Gopher+ protocol (which should be fine in practice since no gopherhole seems to use it anyway - its complexity was most likely its downfall).

    The biggest feature it has compared to most other Gopher clients is the browser sidebar which maps the gopherspace as you go, taking advantage of Gopher's hierarchical nature. Or at least it tries to, since many modern gopherholes today treat Gopher menus as HTML-lite, adding back links and such. Still, it helps to navigate faster than without it.

    You can download Little Gopher Client from the links below.


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