Flash/Haxe tech demos and unfinished games

by Kostas "Bad Sector" Michalopoulos
Around 2008 i found about Haxe and decided to try and make some Flash 9 games with it. Haxe is a Java/ActionScript-like language which at the time was the only free way to create Flash content. My first attempt was a parallax scrolling 2D game engine, but i lost interest in that - and the code soon after. The second attempt was a Wolf3D-like raycaster engine i called RayFaster, for some sort of "escape the room" game i considered making.
Note: all demos can be controlled with the arrow keys, some of the RayFaster 1 also support WASD (A and D turn left/right). If the controls do not respond click on the demo to give it focus.

RayFaster engine

RayFaster 2 engine

Flash 9 had very slow array access (they are essentially hash maps like in JavaScript) and so Wolf3D-like raycasting wasn't exactly the best idea. In early 2009 i thought to make a new engine that would target Flash 9. Flash 10 was already in beta but it provided no real 3D benefit, so i decided to continue with raycasting and made RayFaster 2. Even though it was primarily a Flash 9 engine, RayFaster 2 could be compiled in both Flash 9 compatible and Flash 10 mode and when enabled the Flash 10 mode, it used new functionality and opcodes that allowed faster rendering.
(note: all these builds are new, i didn't keep SWFs around, only the code and the resources)


Between 2009 and 2011 i didn't do much in Flash (except Rombo Rush in 2011 but that was like a weekend's project at most). In 2011 i tried to make a sidescrolling game called Miltor and while i had fun drawing the sprites, making the levels and writing the game logic, but i got blocked by music. For the previous games i released (Rombo, Rombo Rush and Dungeon Knight) i had paid others for the music, however as i said i was disillusioned by the Flash market and had barely made back the (very little) money i paid for the music. Miltor was mostly a fun project and i didn't want to spend any money on it, so i decided to write the music myself. In previous games i used MOD music using a player i wrote in Haxe, but for Miltor i wanted something that sounded more chiptune-like. Sadly i couldn't do it myself since i lacked (and, well, i still lack) the skill, tried to overcome it by designing some sort of "music programming language" (that basically looked like MML) and then going off in other directions until i lost interest - and then i decided to format the computer and forgot to keep a backup... or at least i think so because i think i got one, but i just cannot find it.
Miltor was the last game - or anything, really - i made in Flash. I was toying with the initial stages of a new 3D engine for it that would use Stage3D and be a polygon-based engine (which, to keep with the naming of my previous Flash engines, i called PolyFaster) but Adobe decided to be greedy and locked the use of Stage3D and the "alchemy opcodes" behind a paywall - essentially asking money for performance - which really turned me away from the platform itself (i had already lost any commercial interest on it and was doing things mostly for fun - and Adobe took the fun out of it).

Kostas "Bad Sector" Michalopoulos