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WinLIL is a graphical playground environment for LIL that provides a console, editor, graphics window and embedded documentation in a single Windows executable.

You can download the latest version from here (205KB).

The code can be obtained by cloning this repository or getting a ZIP extract of the trunk. To build WinLIL you will need Borland C++ Builder 1 (later versions may work but the newer the version is, the more likely it is to need modifications), LIL and bcbcmn. You *must* place all code to C:\Code (e.g. C:\Code\winlil, C:\Code\lil and C:\Code\bcbcmn). The build assumes BCB is installed in C:\Apps\bcb. Use the build.bat batch file to make a release build and the clean.bat batch file to clean the source tree.

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