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Outliner Lighto is a simple console-based Outliner written in Free Pascal. It can be used for hierarchical text editing, TODO lists, putting down ideas, organizing projects and other things that can be represented as a form of hierarchical text.

The program has the following features:

  • Outline tree manipulation commands (like moving a node up/down in the hierarchy)
  • A default outline file is always available (can be used with a service like Dropbox to sync outlines between computers)
  • Nodes can be marked as tickable (great for TODO lists)
  • A tickable node with subnodes gets a percentage which shows the number of ticked subnodes (and sub-subnodes, if any)
  • Non-tickable nodes under tickable nodes are displayed as labels
  • VI-like and arrow-based navigation with mostly single-key commands
  • The ability to create pointer nodes that "point" to another node in the hierarchy (note: this is experimental, use the . (period) key to try it)
  • Simple scripting with LIL

Outliner Lighto can be used under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Mac OS X and Linux users check Build from source

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