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Runtime Mapas is a generic, game and engine agnostic, cross platform 2D tilemap editor written in Java. It can be used by game developers and modders to create levels ("maps") for their games. Runtime Mapas is open source and licensed under the zlib license.

It was originally written in late 2005/early 2006 for the development of a J2ME racing game, but soon expanded to be usable for any 2D game project (and some 3D projects!) that needs a 2D tilemap editor.

Latest News

  • April 23, Wednesday 2014
    Added tile shifting with ALT/ALT+SHIFT + arrow and released version 20140423.
  • March 30, Saturday 2013
    Chisel is closing :-(. Moved to
  • July 2, Monday 2012
    Added Runtime Mapas to Chisel. Also version 20120702 released.


  • Supports an easy to parse extendable text-based file format
  • Support for multiple named maps each having multiple named layers
  • Support for multiple tilesets per project
  • Can use multiple tiles at the same time when drawing
  • Supports custom plugins for importing, exporting, adding menus, etc
  • Place named visual relations between tiles
  • Set per-tile, per-layer bit flags (plugins can set flag names)
  • Exports to bitmap (no plugins needed)

Standard plugins

  • BinaryExporter saves in a compact binary format
  • JavaScriptExporter saves in a JavaScript object
  • NameMapExporter saves as simple array of tile names
  • SimpleMapExporter alternative easy to parse format


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