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Welcome to the repository for LFPlayer, a simple audio player written in C using Little Forms. LFPlayer uses GStreamer for audio decoding and playback which allows it to support pretty much any old and modern audio format and playback system.

One of the main features of LFPlayer is its lack of media management - meaning that unlike most audio players released the last decade+, LFPlayer doesn't try to take over your media library and instead just plays audio files. It is up to you to use modern filesystem features such as files and directories to organize your audio files to your liking.

For convenience, LFPlayer will show a list of the files in the same directory as the file you asked it to play. This way you can launch LFPlayer with a single file (e.g. from the command line or by double clicking the file in a filesystem browser such as LFLS) and the program will play the rest of the files too. Handy for when you have albums stored in their own directories!

To download LFPlayer you need the Fossil SCM for a full checkout. With Fossil downloaded you can check out the source code like this:

    mkdir fossils
    cd fossils
    fossil clone lfplay.fossil
    cd ..
    mkdir lfplay
    cd lfplay
    fossil open ../fossils/lfplay.fossil

Alternatively you can download a checkout of the trunk as a tarball.

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