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Welcome to LazHelp's Fossil page. LazHelp is a simple hypertext-based help system for Lazarus that relies only on LCL. It uses a custom RTF-like language that defines the entire "help site".

The entire contents of the help site can be embedded inside the executable, allowing simple single-executable applications to provide documentation. LazHelp content can be displayed inside a standalone window (as show in the right), a panel inside an existing form or a popup window.

The repository contains the LazHelp package, a simple viewer, a dual panel editor where you can type the LazHelp code and see the results (with an embedded viewer) and documentation for the editor and LazHelp code format in LazHelp itself.

LazHelp is licensed under the zlib license. Note however that at the moment the project is in a mostly frozen state - i haven't really touched it since 2012.

Some items of interest:

Note that you can download the entire repository using Fossil.

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