Repositories: Delphi OpenGL Units
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This repository contains two OpenGL units for Delphi 2 (may work with later versions):

  • DGLVP provides a TOpenGLViewport control that can be placed in the component palette. It is a more or less direct port of the Borland C++ Builder OpenGL control to Delphi.

  • OpenGL provides OpenGL bindings for up to OpenGL 4.6 (and extensions). This was generated using gl2unit for Lazarus and manually converted to build with Delphi 2. This should work with later versions of Delphi, but you'll need to edit the code to remove the 32bit pointer assumption (the original generated code does not have this and you may want to use that instead if you use a 64bit Delphi).

Note that at this moment there is no unit to expose the GLU API.

The code is under zlib license.

   © 2009‑2017 Kostas Michalopoulos