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bcbcmn is a selection of classes and functions for Borland C++ Builder as a bunch of cpp/h header pairs. It is sort of the C++ equivalent of RTTK and mostly meant to be used with Borland C++ Builder 1 (hence the "bcb" part in the name) or any later version that is fully compatible (note that BCB's C++ dialect is pre-C++98 and so it is not 100% compatible with standard C++). I do not expect anyone to really care about these classes, they are provided mainly so that in case someone has BCB lying around to be able to compile a few BCB programs i have here.

Some of the C++ code may also compile with other compilers - the majority of the code is not really BCB specific, but the C++ dialect is not 100% compatible with standard C++ and it'll need changes. I may do these changes so that it compiles with other compilers in the future.

There is no documentation for these classes, although all of the header files have comments for almost every class, method and function exposed. I do not promise to keep backwards source compatibility so if you decide to use those for any reason, keep in mind that you may need to make changes in your own source code.

This repository also contains a few toolbar icons in the same style as the icons supplied with Borland C++ Builder.

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