Rombo and Rombo Rush were two FPS Flash games made in 2008 and 2011 using Haxe. They were distributed through various Flash game portals. As both Flash and Flash game portals are now dead and you can't even play Flash games in a browser, these games aren't accessible anymore so i decided to try and create a standalone version of both using an old version of Flash Player 10 that allows creating "projectors" (essentially merging the player and an SWF file to a self-contained executable). This way they'll be playable at least in the Windows version (which should also work under Wine, etc).

Sadly i couldn't find a recent version of Rombo, though i still have the source code. But this is more than a decade old and Haxe isn't (or wasn't at the time) a stable language so i'll need to update the code to compile under it (assuming it still supports Flash output) as well as find a few other tools i used at the time. I might do that at some point but for now the only available version is an early unfinished one (notice the Options menu not working). However it should have all the levels of the finished version.

Rombo Rush is the most recent version.

You can download both games from this archive (2.9MB).

Kostas "Bad Sector" Michalopoulos