Game  Nikwi Deluxe
Platforms   Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Availability  Since December 14, 2005
Candy World
Chocolate World
Lollipop World
Nikwi Deluxe is a fiendishly difficult platform game where you play as a 9 year old boy in a game about his absolute dream: a world made of candies! Your role is to guide Nikwi through all the 30 levels, eat all the candies in each level and avoid the monsters and the hazards that each level has. Nikwi has a talent on jumping high - although his falls are not as good as he would like - and this is his only armor against the monsters which try to turn his dream into a nightmare.

Every six levels, the theme changes (with five total themes) and the gameplay is altered a bit. Every two levels or so, new monsters appear - monsters which require different approaches to be taken in order to avoid them.

The game was originally released as a $9.95 shareware, but i re-released it as free and open source later.

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